Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The War Against Values

Good afternoon dear reader(s)!

Has anyone else noticed that everything seems to be getting more and more expensive these days?  Where are the culture warriors from Fox News to stand up for true American values such as cheap gas, cheap food, cheap clothing from China, and cheap electronics also from China when you need them?  It seems that right now even cheap Chinese goods aren't so cheap anymore, and that really goes against my values. 

I have carefully cultivated a lifestyle where I can work a very small amount of hours for an organization I can stand based solely on the fact that everything I purchase costs less than $5.00 per.  Now I am finding it hard to maintain the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed.  Who do I sue for alimony?  It's not like I'm trying to continue paying for Botox injections for my 8 year old or anything, I am talking about the inability for many of us to afford basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, gasoline, and caffeine.

I think I am going to have to break down and get a full-time job.  This is a very sad thought as I really do not enjoy the whole "working" thing and was hoping to do it as little as possible.  Perhaps this will lead to a world of health insurance and other benefits, and maybe one day a mortgage, new car and other things that "responsible" people have, or perhaps it will just lead to an early grave.  Either way, not sure it will be worth the work.

I think it is high-time that we all contact our representatives and tell them that we are tired of the attack on American values and would appreciate it if there was a greater focus on the values that we should expect.  Perhaps in the form of greater volumes of clearance items, coupons, everyday sale items, inexpensive generics, and better discounts for buying in bulk.  Also, if the cheap Chinese goods could be cheap again, and not fall apart or be contaminated with melamine, that would also be a good value. 

Speaking of a lack of values, has anyone else had to deal with NV Energy?  Ever?  If so, I am sure you can understand just how little knowledge of value or values of any kind this monopolistic evil entity has.  Or if they have the knowledge, it is only in the way one is to know their enemy.  They are the enemy of value, and the enemy of values.  Why do I dislike NV Energy?  Well, beyond the fact that they answer to nobody except the Public Utilities Commission (The Sweetest Smelling Utilities Commission in the World) that will never cross them, beyond the fact that their online site for you to make payments is constantly down forcing you to make payments over the phone with the convenience fee or going to Sak N Save to make them (Sak N Save?!?!  That is EVIL!!!!), beyond the fact that they can raise rates at will, beyond the fact that they have closed any office around here preventing you from meeting someone face-to-face to voice your displeasure, there is the fact that they can apparently shut down streets with no notice, box in your vehicle with their equipment, and not even the city of Reno cares to do anything about it.  Below is an e-mail exchange taken verbatim (I deleted addresses and phone numbers to protect myself and the minion) that I started with the City of Reno.  Please to enjoy:


I am not sure I am contacting the right people, but since the streets are in the city, perhaps you have jurisdiction.  Today, May 16th, 2011, I awoke to find that NV Energy had closed the street I live on (location withheld to prevent stalking) and placed tow away signs in front of my vehicle.  They also temporarily had my vehicle blocked in with their equipment, although the workers were kind enough to let me out when I told them.

I park on the street because the parking designated for my unit is almost always taken by a neighbor's friend of family.  I appreciate some sort of notice so I can make sure alternative parking is available.  There was zero warning of this closure.  Nothing.

If this were an emergent situation, I could understand, but I did notice spraypaint marking lines on the street since about Thursday last week.  I figured work may be happening, but again, no notice was given.

I believe that the city ultimately has the say over its streets being closed, & I would imagine you require notice from private companies who wish to close your streets to the residents of your city.  This closure does not appear on your city-wide closure list, so I can only assume you also were not informed.

Regardless of NV Energy's monopoly, I would imagine they are subject to rules and regulations regarding street closures that any other private company would be.  Am I wrong here?  Do those regulations even exist?  If so, who enforces them?  If not the city, could you direct me to who would?

I understand work needs to happen, but knowing about it first just seems like common courtesy to me.  If you have no say in this matter, but know who might (the Public Utilities Commission?), I would appreciate you letting me know.


Josh Wrenn
Reno, NV

Hi Joshua,
The project manager for this work is Howard Bigby, XXX-XXXX. (I withheld the number to give the poor minion a break). He works for NV Energy.  
Thank you for contacting Reno Direct
Now, as you can see, they are directing me back to NV Energy.  So either the City of Reno does not care, or has no control over their own streets.  Either way, I think it is horse poo.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the people in the trucks, my problem is with the way the management of the company is allowed to do what they want, when they want, and the residents who pay for their services have absolutely no recourse. 

If this wasn't bad enough, on day 2 of this little project, the NV Energy equipment began their work at 6:45 am.  6:45!  If I used to play my drums before noon I would get the cops called on me, but because they have flashing yellow lights and work for a utility they are somehow exempt from noise ordinances? 

I have decided the only way to possibly get out from under the thumb of NV Energy is to create a competing energy company.  If anyone of my dear reader(s) has the technical know-how to accomplish this task, and would like to form a venture which is sure to succeed, you may contact me via this blog-type-thing and I will give you a 10% stake in any profits, as well as 100% loss liability.  I do not think you will find a better investment opportunity in this economy. 

Well my dear reader(s), I have used enough of my electricity for the day, I would hate to pay anymore to NV Energy than the bare minimum required for post-type-thinging, cooking, leaving lights on unnecessarily, listening to music, and watching pornography. 

Until next time, get working on those plans for my power plant.  I have about 1/4 of a spare bedroom for space, so I think we could supply enough power for about 175,000 homes, or maybe a potato clock.  Somewhere in between perhaps, I don't know, I am the idea man, you are the one who works off my vision, just make it happen.  

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