Monday, May 2, 2011

Slow News Day

Good morning dear reader(s)!

Obviously the title of this post-type-thing is a joke.  As no doubt everyone in the world knows by now, the NFL lockout is back on again.  When such tremendous events occur, it helps us to see the other issues we get caught up in for the insignificant matters they truly are.  And yet, the media continues to bury the stories that really matter as they report fluff pieces such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  I just don't understand.  

It is high-time we here in America, as part of the Global War on Terror, demand that our leaders hold responsible those who would attack civilians by holding their favorite sport hostage.  Roger Goodell must be brought to justice.  For too long fans have suffered under his reign of terror and that of his "Team Owners" terror network.  Meanwhile President Obama looks the other way, as our nation is literally being destroyed.  The mainstream media gives him a pass.  If it wasn't for the brave journaists over at ESPN, and other small independent members of the media like Ochocinco, we would be completely in the dark about what is the biggest threat to America since the devastating 1987 season.  

I know some of you believe we should not be involved in this fight.  I know that some may feel the cost to our young players is too high to engage them in this battle.  But the players fight in the courts over there, to keep Goodell and his Owners from destroying your way of life in your own homes come this fall.  Our players fight in defense of football loving people everywhere.  

10 years after September 11th, the US may face an event that may be even worse...the failure of the NFL to capitalize on the patriotic feelings of the 10 year anniversary in order to have huge ratings for the New York game.  If the lockout stands, how can anyone tune in to watch the firefighters paraded onto the field to hear the national anthem with tears in their eyes just before the military aircraft fly overhead?  How many commemorative t-shirt makers will suffer?  

We can not sit by as the evil terrorists try to destroy the best thing about this country.  Think about all the veteran players who have sacrificed so much in the name of football.  Think of the injustice it would be to them if that football were taken away.  

We call on all Americans to be vigilant in defense of our football.  If you see Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, or any other evil terrorist, report them.  Call the police and tell them you have spotted terror cells operating right in our own backyard, or Gillette Stadium, as the case may be.  Don't worry about the "Filing a false report" charges or restraining orders, you are doing what you have to in defense of American football.  You are a hero. 

Until next time my dear reader(s), I should let you know that I may have been paid a small administrative fee by the NFLPA which is not a union and loves America.  I assure you that my objectivity has not been compromised and would like to thank the named Plaintiffs for the autographed memorabilia. 

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  1. I absolutley love this post as a football fan. Thanks for the laughs!