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Miracle: Something To Do In This Town!!!!!!

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As promised, this particular post-type-thing includes my exclusive (as in, no other blog-type-thing will have it) interview with Nick Ramirez, artist, musician, founder of Marianarchy, and all around good guy.  Why am I interviewing Nick?  Well, because I want you to go to Marianarchy, and since I have no influence over anyone, maybe he will. 

So what exactly is this Marianarchy thing anyway?  Well, I am going to steal the description directly from the Marianarchy MySpace page, as it comes directly from Nick himself, and I didn't feel like asking him to go through the whole history of it again, as he has done so many times.  So here is the history, direct from the Marianarchy MySpace page: 
"In 2000 my girlfriend of 4 years, Marianne Psota, contracted an airborne illness. She was in the hospital for several weeks. Doctors thought it might be encephalitis or meningitis, they never were sure. Consequently she also developed a seizure disorder. Marianne was uninsured. She made her money bartending and booking & promoting shows for bands. She was well known and loved in the Reno, NV music and arts community. So our friends and I, put together a rock show to benefit Marianarchy (as she was affectionately known) and help her with her bills. The initial benefit was an all night event from 4pm -4am at the Zephyr Lounge. Inside and outside was packed with family, friends, well wishers, musicians and artists. The local news even showed up. The show was amazing, and raised a lot of money for Mary. She was overwhelmed and moved by the outpouring of support. She really felt the love.

In 2004, a month before our 8 year anniversary and after a long battle with chronic epilepsy, Marianne had an unusually bad seizure and was unable to be revived and past, she was 37. Needless to say my life was shattered, and the community felt a profound loss.

Soon after, I decided that I would put on a benefit show once a year. I would dub it “Marianarchy” in her honor and continue the tradition of coming to aid our friends in need and to raise awareness of causes that seem to fit Mary’s story.

The deal is family first. If someone we know or someone they know has an unexpected hardship we’ll have the show for them. If we are so blessed that tragedy has not befallen our Reno family this year, we pick an organization that Mary would approve of and give it to them.

So far, we have raised money for our friends Christy Tenniere, Linda Radey, the Epilepsy Foundation of America, and the Solace Tree (a local nonprofit for grieving children, teens and families).

Since that was written, Marianarchy has also benefited Dale Kellams and the Reno Cancer Foundation.  Last year my first original band "Sprout" reunited for the event to support it, and being asked to do so was and will continue to be one of the greatest honors I could imagine.

The great thing about this show, is that it isn't just a benefit, it is a chance to have a great time while watching some of Reno's best musicians play for 2 days for very little cash.  Try doing that at a casino.   

So without further adieu, here is my interview with Nick Ramirez, so you can learn more about this great event before you go.  And you will go.  Or else. 

Josh: Okay, first I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I am sure you must be busy getting everything set up for this year’s event at Jub Jubs Thirst Parlor on May 20th and 21st. You’ve been successfully putting together this show for a number of years now, and benefiting a lot of people along the way.
Josh: Who is this year’s Marianarchy benefiting?
Nick:  This years show is for Matt Wassmuth and Maria Reed....both trying battling cancer.
Josh: Where can you find the lineup for this year’s show?
Nick:  The lineup is on Facebook/marianarchyreno
Josh: Is this the first year that it won’t be held at the Zephyr? And are you excited to be holding the event at Jub Jubs?
Nick:  I guess it is the first summer show we haven't played the Zephyr...I didn't really think about that....we are very excited to do 2 days at Jubs,it's bigger and it's family
Josh: Have you been getting support from local media to get the word out?
Nick:  the RGJ and the news and review and RTT have all helped spread the word
Josh: You have been involved in the Reno Arts & music scene for many years now. Are you optimistic about the state of art and music in this area?
Nick:  the state of art and music huh? I can only say that i am very busy with several projects I can only get out so often to see new stuff but id say its alive as it ever was if not more
Josh: Aside from the suggested donation at admission, how else can people support the cause this year?
Nick:  we have T shirts! and movies
Josh: Will you ever stop Marianarchy?
Nick:  I will keep it going as long as people want to come....i might have to give the show to someone else to put on someday
Josh: Any other projects you are involved with that you would like to mention?
Nick:  I have a new rock band with Tobin and Roger called Present and a singing group called hella a capella
Josh: Any one you would like to thank or “shout out” to?
Nick:  I could only say thanks to all the many volunteers venues and especially all the bands that have played the last 7 years
Josh:  I will not ask about Marianne, as I know you have told that story many times, but I would just like to thank you for keeping her memory alive in a way that not only helps people, but continues to be one of the best things about Reno. Thanks again for your time as well.

So there you have it dear reader(s), what more do you need?  Go to Marianarchy!!!!  Check out their Facebook page at!/marianarchyreno for more info. on times and the lineup. 

Until next time, start clearing your schedules to go on May 20th and 21st.  If you are lucky, you just might see me there.  Don't look me in the eye though, and address me only as Mr. Failure. 

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