Monday, May 30, 2011

BBQ Day & Something To Do With Flags

Good afternoon dear reader(s)!

So first things first, I should say Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve or have served or even those who died while serving in our nation's military to fight for the freedoms we have allowed to be taken from us by corporations and over-reactive laws designed to keep us safe from terrorism.  

I am of course exaggerating, we do have some freedoms left, & we have more than a lot of other countries, so it isn't like they died in vain.  You know, unless they died in a war that had nothing to do with protecting our freedoms, our way of life, or really anything strategic whatsoever as evidenced by the fact that after we gave up and allowed the mission to fail, not much really got worse for us in the world.  In which case, sorry, they died in vain.  Doesn't make them any less brave or noble, just means that they were used in a terrible way.  

Either way, today is the day we celebrate their sacrifice by grilling hamburgers, going camping, or if you live in Reno, huddling up together by a roaring fire.  

I made strawberry pancakes and mimosas in honor of the day, & we will most likely put on our parkas and head out to see a movie later.  I am very excited, because today traditionally kicks off the beginning of wishing I was still in school & didn't have to work so I could have a 3 month vacation coming up.  There is nothing more fun than sitting in my business casual office attire, looking out the window at children running and playing in shorts and tank tops, and wishing a pox upon them.  

This summer I have made it a goal to at least go up to the lake or something fun like that a few times provided it is not snowing.  Last year I was too broke to do anything fun & I am determined to do whatever is necessary to change that, including ponzi schemes.  

One other great thing about the kickoff to the summer season is knowing that my beloved fall is right around the corner.  Fall is my favorite season, although it is only slightly higher ranked than autumn.  The only thing I dislike about fall is its proximity to winter.  This fall I plan to go to the Seattle area and hit all the cornmazes (with corn that is, you know, alive) and pumpkin patches.  I will feast upon the finest honeycrisp apples in carmel sauce after getting my mini pumpkin into the barrel via the pumpkin sling.  A good time will be had by all, except the poor kids waiting in line at the pumpkin sling behind me, as I drop $20 after $20 to continue firing the pumpkins until I get that damn apple!  

This fall could have some problems however, as the NFL lockout is still ongoing and if games do get cancelled, I will have to find something constructive to do on Sundays.  Perhaps I could use the time to plan the assassination of the owners who forced the extra time upon me by locking out the players.  Or, maybe I'll just become a productive member of society on those days.  Either way, the results can only be negative.  

Well dear reader(s), I need to get ready if I am going to go to the movies.  

Until next time, I think it would be nice to honor our nation's soldiers, past, present, and future, by forming your own para-military units to protect our freedom to watch football this fall.  No, it isn't terrorism, you are fighting for our freedom.  I don't care if Jerry Jones is just an old man, he is between you and your freedom to watch football and must be stopped. 

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