Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Nuclear Option

Good evening dear reader(s) is usually the first thing that I would write to open this blog-type-thing composed at this late an hour.  However, due to the tragic events that occurred earlier this morning, I think you can agree that it is not a good evening, and to say so would be disrespectful to those who were tragically lost in the barbaric attack perpetrated upon us.  Our enemies have struck a harsh blow today, but they have failed in their quest to extinguish the light that shines from within us as a becon to freedom loving people everywhere.  Our light shines on.  Our reaction will be swift, it will be mighty, it will be just, and it will be decisive.  

I speak now not to all of you, but to our enemies.  Your cowardice only shows your weakness.  Your quadumvirate of evil will not succeed against the forces of justice.  We will use whatever measures are necessary to maintain the security of our way of life.  This can only end with your unconditional surrender, or total anihilation.  

We can assure you that you have never encountered the total destruction we are prepared to unleash upon you.  

Surrender immediately or the next time a Happy Holiday battle is fought, it will not end happily for you.  

You have been warned.  

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