Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe Not a Depression, but So Depressing

Good morning dear reader(s)!

Yesterday we walked to the river.  At the river, there were tons of people.  They were wine walking.  Some were just soaking up the sun.  Some were doing tricks on those new-fangled skateboards that are all the rage lately.  It was nice.  The walk there & home however...

4th and the Bowling Stadium:  1 guy is talking to himself.  He is standing way too close to me.  I have personal space requirements.  He obviously did not.  As he is muttering to himself, a man approaches from across the intersection.  Shit.  Eye contact.  I reach my fingertips into the change pocket on my shorts.  I have 20 cents.  I know where this is going.  I owe Renown like 50K because I happened to get sick at night instead of during business hours.  Where should I apply the 20 cents?  

"Hey Bro, I'm like a quarter short."  

Well, he asked nicer than the folks at Renown.  He gets the 20 cents.  I tell him that's all I got.  I'm not lying.  Hannah gives him a buck.  Thanks for showing me up.    

Within a block, we were hit up for change by three more people.  I know it was 4th street, but come on.  Everyone we passed seemed like they could use a little spare change too but weren't asking.  Hell, I could use spare change if only to get Renown paid.

Turning onto Virginia is when I really sensed the desperation.  Nobody there seemed like a tourist.  If anyone was going into the few open casinos they were most likely locals going to feed their compulsion, or trying in vain to increase the size of their meager paychecks so they can both pay their rent & put gas in their car.  

It looked like a ghost town.  Occasional packs of thug-types would pass by, most likely not going to the few open casinos to feed the economy.  The vehicle traffic was a car here & there, and a ton of cops.  So this is where they patrol.  Because while shit is going on all over the rest of the city (i.e. the open drug dealing and whoring transactions down 4th closer to 6th) apparently the cops are tasked with keeping the peace for whatever tourists do show up on Virginia Street only.  I am beginning to think Reno Police hate doing anything at all, unless there is a "special enforcement week".  I will elaborate a little later on in this post-type-thing.  

People were glaring at the Cops.  I mean, really giving them some dirty looks.  I am not a huge fan of the RPD don't get me wrong, but the hostility seemed odd.  To me, they seem lazy, & you always see them breaking traffic laws, but it isn't like they shoot restrained people in the back or baton them repeatedly.  I am not Mexican though, so my perception may be off.  I have heard that they harrass the hell out of Mexicans.  

Anyway, the street was cracked and torn, it was dead, & there were a ton of dealers sitting at the trench (ugly eyesore dealer camp, worst mistake this city (known for bad mistakes) has ever made).  

But getting near the river was like being in a different country.  It is the shining star of Reno.  Not the dirty exterior of the Eldorado.  

On the way back, Hannah & I are in the crosswalk.  We have the walk sign.  We (unlike most people) STILL looked both ways.  It is clear.  Halfway through, some truck with California plates comes flying around the corner and almost hits us.  Hannah, being the most proper lady-like delicate flower she is screams, "We have the walk, fucking asshole!"  I love this woman!  

Well, apparently the douchebag in the truck didn't.  He stops.  In the middle of Sierra.  There is a cop sitting at the stoplight on the other side.  I know he sees.  He does nothing.  I ask the driver of the truck in my most polite possible tone if he has a fucking problem and would like to do something about the truth my girlfriend just shouted to him.  He apparently decides against it and peels off.  The cop sees all of this, and does nothing.  

Hannah, being the most proper, lady-like, delicate flower she is turns her rage toward the cop.  "Why don't you cite him for almost running us over, you fat fuck?!?"  or something to that effect.  This turns into a theme for the rest of the walk home as Hannah is now shouting at every cop she sees, and there were so many.  Everytime she said something, anyone near us, be it the homeless guy laying in the doorway or the people walking behind us, or the couple walking past would say something like, "Yeah!"  I really haven't seen this much open hostility toward the police in a long time.  I think people are alot more desperate than those in power realize, and I just hope that there is no single event that causes many of them to snap.  Like if the Aces suddenly started losing.  There'd be a full-blown fucking riot, I just know it.  

On my way into Sparks this morning, a Reno PD truck enterred 80 West from the spaghetti bowl.  I was in the left lane, doing 73.  He got behind me, and got on my ass.  I moved over to the middle lane to let him by.  I was in Sparks, by this time, figured it wouldn't be worth his time to cite me, so I maintained speed.  He passed me.  I tried to have Hannah get it on video on my phone so I could show my dear reader(s), but she doesn't know how to work it.  I don't particularly give a shit if a cop speeds, but it is just one more example of the arrogance they show as they break laws they themselves are tasked with enforcing.  It seems to me, there is a clear reason the show was Reno 911 as opposed to say, Bakersfield 911.  

So until next time dear reader(s), do us all a favor.  If you see a cop, or anyone in authority abusing their power, try & document it & report it.  Do it for the minor things as a reminder that we won't tolerate it, before they think they can get away with doing something more major, like brutalizing someone or something that could spark a much bigger problem.  If you don't want to do that, at least the give the homeless guy your 20 cents, maybe then he won't ask me.  


  1. The Reno PD annoys me, but the Seattle PD is downright brutal. I love Seattle, but I am glad the Reno PD is just lazy or bad drivers. Here are a couple links from Seattle. The 1st is a dashcam video, the second is a news story. The knife found on the woodcarver (who was deaf in 1 ear) was closed. He was shot 5 times 13 seconds after the cop got out of the car.

  2. Links not working.

  3. Okay, sorry everyone, the links only seem to work on my phone. I will try to figure it out and fix it ASAP. This is why I have a blog-type-thing & not a blog! :)

  4. You can copy and paste them and they work for me.