Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Good Morning Dear Reader(s)!  

Today I am blog-type-thinging live on location outside Tres Image as I wait for my haircut appointment.  I know it only takes 5 to 7 minutes to get here, & yet I insist on leaving 30 minutes early just in case.  In case what?  A cow blocks the road?  There is no traffic on the way, ever.  Oh well, more time to blog-type-thing.  

I get my haircut at Tres Image (which is pronounced Tress Image, for those of you thought it was French).  It is very froo-froo.  I used to go to places like Cost Cutters and Great Clips, but they jacked their prices to just under the same level as the fancy salons and in exchange f-ed up my simple haircut every other time.  Hannah's uncle works here and hasn't messed it up once, so now I go to the place all the women go to get hair, nails, & massages while sipping on belinis and gossiping about their friends.  I must admit though, I can see why some guys are metro.  

Last night was the home opener for the Reno Aces.  Tonight my friend Natalie sings the National Anthem.  I would bet Christina Aguilara's yearly income that she doesn't mess it up as bad as Christina did for the Superbowl.  I want to go, but I don't want to help perpetuate the myth that the redistribution of money from the pockets of local residents to the ballpark is actually good for the economy.  If it isn't sold out, I might let my hypocrisy win out, because it is a beautiful day for hotdogs, watery beer, and an occasional glance down at the action (if you can call it that) on the diamond.  Plus, it willl be good to root for the home team, peanuts & crackerjacks not withstanding.  

After I become less shaggy, (& she is willing to be seen in public with me), Hannah & I might take a walk down by the river, have some lunch, & check out the van that may become our new home should I decide on a career in motivational speaking.  (Chris Farley joke, for you youngsters.)  

Now I am back at home sippin' on some mimosas and listening to Rise Against with the windows open in an attempt to drown out the bass rattles from the crap the upstairs neighbors are playing.  Oh well, it is beautiful outside, one of the few days that Reno is not too hot, not too cold, & ba-ba-ba-ba-baaaaa, I'm  lovin' it!  

So I will write my rants about the never ending road construction on 5th, that requires a 4WD vehicle to get over the various patches, cracks & potholes tomorrow, because today is just too nice to get into pissy mode.  

This goes against my usual motto "It is never too nice to get into pissy mode" but I have tried, honest.  

The only way I could see this being better is if I was sipping on Guiness on a rainy day in Ireland.  Or I imagine anyway, since I have never been there for fuck's sake.  Or maybe on a sunny day in Seattle, at gas works, looking out across the lake, enjoying a Red Hook or Geogetown.  I HAVE been there, but not for fuck's sake.  

So until next time dear reader(s), enjoy your weather, whatever your weather is like.  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but my neighborhood is kinda ghetto, so I don't know if you'd want to be my neighbor.  And you really have to like crappy music with loud bass.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog-type-thing if you want to see something more pissy.  The good voice in my head generally doesn't have control very long, so it should be good and angry.  

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