Friday, April 15, 2011


Good morning dear reader(s)!  

I hope everyone is feeling better after their sudden allergic reaction to nothing in particular that caused them to turn beet-red, break out in hives, & have just enough throat swelling to freak out a little.  Oh, that was just me?  Oh.  Fine.  Rub it in.  As for me, I am much better this morning (knock on plastic as no wood is nearby), although I do have a bit of a Benadryl hangover.  Everytime I get so hungover from drinking that I consider stopping, (see Hungover in Suburbia) I think about how something as innocuous as Benadryl makes me feel so much worse, so I might as well keep drinking.  Addiction specialists call that justification, I call it logical thought.  And I don't think anyone who isn't an addict can actually call themselves an addiction specialist.  Sorry Dr. Drew.  I am an addict, but not to alcohol, I actually rarely drink, just get piss-stupid-drunk when I do.  My true addiction is caffiene.  In fact, maybe partly due to my Benadryl hangover, I was craving it so bad this morning that I was having the shakes.  

Due to the aforementioned caffiene fiending I decided I had better procure some as soon as was reasonably possible.  I didn't feel like going in anywhere as I hadn't really showered or anything beyond getting ready for a trip to WalMart, so drive-thru was the most logical option.  And since Hannah had called in an order for delicious bagels from The Daily Bagel & ran in to get them on the way to her work, I knew that I must have coffee to go with my yummy bagely goodness.  But where to get the coffee?  After dropping off Hannah at her work, I found myself in Sparks.  1 block from a Starbucks.  Should I go there?  HELL NO!  I want coffee, not McDonald's quality automated latt√©.  So where to?  Well, even though I do live in Reno, there aren't many coffee shops within a couple miles of my luxury condo in the ghetto, so I went well out of my way to the only logical choice.  The Purple Bean.  Mmmmmm.  My White Mocha was very good.  Not Seattle good, but very good.  This got me to thinking.  (It takes alot sometimes to get me thinking, I avoid it if at all possible.)  Since I hate major corporations, have decided I want to make Reno a better place until I get out, and would rather see a small business succeed than an international conglomerate that exploits cheap labor, I would write a blog-type-thing with a list of local or small companies of high quality that I can feel good about supporting with my hard-begged-for money.  That way, when my mom finally comes down to visit, she will know good places to go.

I am calling these my favorites, instead of best, because even though I know what is best, that doesn't mean everyone will agree as they may be stupid.  

Favorite Coffee Shop:  Fairly Grounded on Lakeside Court.  They made me the greatest cup of coffee I have had outside of Seattle.  Plus I think the whole name thing is a play on words regarding fair trade & other whiny, hippie, liberal BS.  2nd choice is Java Jungle, as they are usually very good but sometimes a bit too cool for school, or coffee.  

Favorite Drive-Thru Coffee:  The Purple Bean.  On W. 7th St.  Very good quality, nice peeps.  Just hate the location, as by driving there I generally want to murder 15 people on the way.  

Favorite Bagel place:  The Daily Bagel on Morrill.  This is a great little place in the old firehouse near the Wells overpass. Urban renewal at its  finest.  Now if other places will follow suit...

Favorite local grocery store: we have one here?  I know of a few tiendas that are okay, but nothing spectacular.  If so, PLEASE let me know.

Favorite auto mechanic:  The Flying Scotsman.  (775) 240-1137 This guy is a mobile mechanic, & it will cost you less than bringing your vehicle to a shop.  Fair, honest, good work.  

Favorite nice restaurant:  La Famiglia on Sierra St.  My first official date with Hannah started there.  

Favoirte partied-out restaurant:  The Gold 'N Silver Inn.  4th St.  We love kids!  

Favorite brewery:  Great Basin.  Sparks, Victorian.  Because, to quote my friend Paul, "Silver Peak has jumped the shark".

Favorite local bar:  Abby's Old Highway 40.  4th. St.  This bar is small, in a crappy neighborhood (2 blocks from me) and usually fairly low-key, so it is a good place to have a drink with a few friends and not have to deal with a hundred thousand douchebags in Tap Out shirts looking to date rape 19 year old giggly blondes who were let in because they are hot.  

Favorite karaoke:  El Cortez.  W. 2nd St.  Some of you may know that I was drugged at another bar that used to be known for karaoke on West 2nd. St.,  but now is known for shootings, date rapes, and robbery.  The El Cortez is was that place was 15 years ago.  Fun!  

Favorite local musical instrument store:  Well, not Bizarre Guitar.  Who the hell do they think they are?  In 20 years of attempting to buy stuff from them I don't think the staff could be bothered to help me within the first 30 minutes of standing at the counter waiting for them to look up from their Guitar World magazine issue once!  I would rather support the chain guys at Guitar Center or just go online to Musician's Friend any day of the week!  I may support Maytan's if I ever need a baby grand, but otherwise they are too pricey.  

Favorite local sandwich shop:  Yellow Submarine.  Sparks, Holman way.  #4 with avacado.  

Okay, now it is your turn.  I can't think of many local businesses outside of the world of food.  (Am I hungry?)  If you have any local businesses you want to give a shout-out to, especially if they are not food related, please leave in the comments!    

Well, that is all for now dear reader(s)!  I have finished my coffee and need to go get more caffeine now.  Maybe a Rockstar as it is almost noon.  

Until next time, support your local businesses unless the foundation and columns are of good quality, in which case hopefully the businesses are well supported on their own.  But if you're gonna buy shit, be like Charlie, Buy-Win by buying local.  

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