Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog of Note (according to me, not Blogger)

Good afternoon dear reader(s)!  

Today's note is middle C.  I decided upon middle C because most people can hit it.  Even I can, & only have the Peter Brady voice cracks with it if I attempt to sustain it for longer than 3 seconds.  

In case you do not understand the title of today's blog-type-thing, Blogger (the service I use that allows me to create this nonsense) lists blogs they like for whatever reason on a page called...ready for it?...Blogs Of Note.  Bet you thought it would have a different name, huh?  Anyway, since this blog-type-thing has virtually no chance of making it to that page with real blogs of real quality, I have decided I would call it today's blog of note just for me.  And then since it is of note, I decided it would actually have to have a note, hence the middle C thing.  There.  Are we clear?  Can we finally move on, mom?  Good, it's about time.

Today in Reno, and this might be in all of Nevada, but since I am not here to report the news I don't really give a damn about specifics, the legislature (yep, that would mean in all of Nevada) is considering a bill that would make homeless sex offenders register locations where they could be found.  At the present time, they are allowed to say they have no residence, thereby making the requirement to register pretty useless.  So I want to know what there is to consider?  The added cost of changing a form?  Do it.  The way the law is set up currently, someone who was supposed to resgister could just lie about being homeless to get out of it.  Here is a sample conversation for example:
"Hi, my name is Bob & I like to rape little kids.  They want me to register as a sex offender."
"Okay, fill out this form."
"I'm homeless."
"Oh good, one less item in my case load.  Not to worry, only people with homes re-offend.  Not the poor man who sleeps in the doorway of the elementary school.  Have a nice day!"
So obviously that is just a sample conversation and not necessarily what would actually happen.  I did take a little dramatic license.  For example, instead of "Have a nice day!", one may say, "Have a great afternoon!"

Yesterday the Reno Aces Minor League Baseball Team beat the living shit out of the University of Nevada, Reno Wolfpack Baseball Team in an exhibition game.  While this was happening, the state legislature was getting ready to announce another 13.8 million dollars in University budget cuts that would eliminate entire degree programs.  In order to remain a Division 1 school with the NCAA, the University must meet a minimum number of sports offered.  Last time I checked, the University was over by two.  Let me suggest they eliminate the baseball team, since they suck anyway.  In a response to the legislature's recommendations to earlier budget cuts, the University President said it would save between 300K and 700K to eliminate two sports (& I am sure baseball was not one of the sports considered).  In case they have since already eliminated two sports, let me suggest they replace the crappy baseball team with a cheaper sport such as girls cross country running, girls taekwondo, and girls handball.  There, down to 13.1 mill, and no more embarrassing baseball team.  (Not to say I could do any better, but at least I know it.)

So as any of my regular reader(s) should know (hi mom!), I am working again after having walked out of my last job because it was sucking the very life from my soul (much in the same way Reno does as a whole, only more rapidly).  I got a job with a great non-profit organization and got an offer from another company for a full time job this week as well.  I walked out of my last job.  Walked out.  Mid-shift.  I searched for about 2-3 weeks, every weekday doing something to find a job, treating my search like a job itself.  I am already working again, only now for an organization I can stand, in an environment I can stand, with better pay, and...oh yeah, NOBODY SHITS ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Am I bragging here?  No.  I offer this up just to prove that no matter how many times a company may say that in this economy you are just lucky to be working, that doesn't mean you are lucky to be working for THEM.  There ARE better jobs out there for you, and you can find one if you work hard enough for it.  I am sure my resumé looks alot worse than yours does.  I bring this up today because I happened to have found myself over by the Reno Job Connect office (aka unemployment office), where I would go everyday to look for the jobs that only they get wind of, & just like when I was going there, since it was before noon, the parking lot was empty.  Now I know the jobs that are available in this city aren't always the 50K+ a year job you think you're entitled to, and that any job in Reno isn't great because you live in Reno, but if you really and truly want to work, you may want to roll out of bed before noon.

Speaking of rolling out of bed before noon, last night I invested in a humidifier.  Because of the humidifer I slept like a very sleepy thing would have!  I woke up feeling refreshed and alive.  Then I started bleeding profusely from the nose.  Seems as though the 18 months worth of dried out gunk that had encrusted itself onto the walls of my nasal passages had lossened, and just like in lame movies about oil barrons, there was blood!  In Seattle, you do not need to get a humidifier to breathe properly, you just do.  

So with that lovely image of boogers cutting into the thin walls of my nose, I leave you for this day.  

Fare thee well my dear reader(s), & for God's sake, practice that middle C!

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