Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helpful Tips to Stop Unrest Part 1 of 3

Good morning dear reader(s)!

As I have been posting here for a short while now, I have been meaning to do a blog-type-thing with helpful suggestions that may improve the lives (life) of my reader(s) based on my expertise (which I do not have) as a way to give back.  After careful consideration, I have decided to offer these suggestions instead.  

And so I present to you, in spectacular HTML-O-Vision™, Part 1 of my 3 Part Series (or Master Trilogy, if you will)...Helpful Tips to Stop Unrest

1.  Eliminate stressors from your population.  This can be done by providing self-determination, economic prosperity, and a fair system of guidelines and rules while allowing your citizens the freedom to work within those guidelines to accomplish the task at hand.  A study of US workers shows those with the most stress tend to be those who are micro-managed, and there is growing anecdotal evidence to suggest the same applies to people whose lives are micro-managed outside of the job as well.  In short, nobody likes feeling as if they live under a dictator, even if that is how you have chosen to set up your government.  If your nation is not ready for self-determiniation, sometimes providing the illusion of freedom can be just as effective to reduce stress.

2.  Establish and stick to a routine.  Unrest often occurs because people's internal body clocks take a while to adjust to being awake at different times, especially when the times differ from a standard sleep cycle.  So hold your public executions during daylight hours, no matter how tempting it may be to kill your enemies immediately.  This will not only allow your citizens to get used to the routine, it will have the unintended benefit of increasing turnout, so more of your citizens can be reminded of what can happen when there is too much unrest.  

3.  Mitigate unrest factors when things must be done outside of the normal routine.  Living in a 24 hour town such as Reno, I know all too well that life does not stop when the sun goes down.  The asshole upstairs neighbors play their crappy bass and accordian music, the hookers and meth dealers shout at each other down the street, the cops shine their spotlights into windows, and numerous other factors that can cause unrest at night.  Just as in your nation, your citizens may have to deal with your "security forces" storming into their homes, bombs, abductions, rape, etc...  Understanding that these actions are less effective when part of a routine, I am not suggesting that you completely abolish these activities for the sake of preventing unrest in your nation.  However, there are things you can do to mitigate the unrest causing factors.  For example, offer blackout curtains so your citizens do not have to see the flash from the explosions of coallition bombs dropping nearby.  This will also add an unitended benefit of preventing your citizens from being able to see your "security forces" coming for them until they are already in their homes.  Also, when shooting people at night, have your "security forces" use silencers.  This will allow nearby neighbors to continue to rest.  Don't worry, waking up the next day to find their neighbors' bodies laying out in front of their homes will have far more impact than hearing shots in the night.  

4.  Medication.  While some people resist turning to medication to quell unrest, I believe that it can be one of the more effective tools, when properly applied.  Reno has been a pioneer in this field, offering a steady stream of a depressant medication known as alcohol to its residents for some time now.  This alcohol, when taken in large enough quantities, can actually cause some people to stop their unrest, right against the side of a buliding or in a gutter on the street.  Reno's "security forces" have also found that it is much more difficult for potential coordinated demonstrations of unrest to occur when organized by people who are regularly medicated with alcohol.  In nations where alcohol is forbidden due to religious and/or cultural beliefs, there are plenty of other unrest stopping medicines that can be put right into the food or water supply so your citizens do not have to lose more rest being concerned about such minor details as side-effects and death.  In moderate cases of unrest, medications such as ambien can be effective, ranging all the way to cyanide for more extreme unrest.  

Well my dear reader(s), this will conclude Part 1.  Be sure to visit in a couple days for Part 2, Advanced Tactics.  

Until next time, be safe out there.  

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