Sunday, March 20, 2011

The definitive blog-type-thing ever written on this day by me!

Good early morning (night for normal people) my dear reader(s)!

I had a fantastic day today!  I woke up, got my herr did (haircut for normal people), went to a St. Patrick's Day party, had great food (especially the jelly, cream cheese, pie crust-type-things), went to go see Ed Kowalczyc (formerly of Live), & just had a lot of fun!  This is important to know, because I could use all the fun I can get with all that has happened this week.

On Wednesday the 16th, at approximately 4:45 pm, I made the decision to voluntarily terminate my employment with the company I have been working for since August.  I can happily say that I left with no drama, merely wrote out a nice letter of resignation, decided it wasn't necessary to give notice, and left with a smile on my face.  I hold no ill will toward them, but sometimes a given job, or rather a given company just isn't the proper fit.  Particularly when that company is being run by a revolving door of thugs that would be too unprofessional for a 50 Cent video.

Regular reader(s) of my blog-type-thing will notice that I do not name this company because I do not believe in publicly bashing a current or former employer, but also because there is only one company in Reno I could work for with a reputation so bad, that if you read how much I hated working for them you can probably deduce who it was.  

So hopefully another employer will give me a chance to take my skills and abilities and put them to use for a company intelligent enough to know how to spell skills.

Okay, I know I usually have a segment in these blog-type-things wherin I bash Reno, but I actually have to give a little credit to the Biggest Little Ghetto In The World tonight.  "Why would I possibly do such a thing?" I pretend you would ask at this point if you were actually reading.  
"Simple," I would respond had you asked, "because no other city has hotels and casinos so desperate for business that they would give away two tickets to a great show simply because you got a room at their property once and gave them your email address!"  Because of Reno's desperation, I got to see a great show tonight!  And to think some people think that appearing desperate is a bad thing!  The only complaint I had about the show tonight is that Reno crowds suck!  We know you know the songs, because you only cheered at the start of the radio hits.  So the next time the performer asks you to sing along to them, sing along.  Believe me, you singing will not make you look like more of an idiot than your permed mullet, Ed Hardy shirt, and skinny jeans already has.  

So how about them Bighorns?  Huh?  Playoffs baby!  Oh.  You don't care either.  Okay.  Nevermind.  I don't mean to bash on them too hard, but I remember better basketball when watching Dilworth versus Sparks games in 8th grade!  At least they didn't have to play music during actual gameplay to keep the crowd from dozing off.  What this town really needs is semi-pro football!  Yeah!  Because semi-pro baseball and semi-pro basketball have done wonders for the economy.  All the tourists who leave their towns with semi-pro or pro sports teams to see our semi-pro teams...  Wait, our semi-pro teams don't draw a lot of tourists to the area?  You mean it is mostly locals spending money for tickets instead of elsewhere in town resulting in a redistribution of the same money?  Wait, then how does that help the economy?  Oh, it doesn't.  I understand now.  Could be worse, they could have built a bowling stadium that mostly sits empty all of the time.  Oh yeah, they did.

I can't wait to leave here, but honestly, I do have fun bitching about it all the time.  I hope that when I do finally escape this high-desert, smoke-filled, toothless, strung-out, inbred, white-trash, redneck, prison that the few people I know here intelligent enough to use a computer or other means of communication (besides hollerin') will keep me informed on all the things that I love to make fun of so much.  Sure, there may be things to make fun of in other cities, but Reno makes the process so effortless.

Well my dear reader(s), either I am getting tired or the twitching in my eye is a sign of impending schizophrenia.  But either way, I suppose it would be best to go now.

So until next time, "No, my reader(s) are my friends (or mom as the case may be), why would they want to hurt me?  You really think the foil hat will stop them from burrowing into my thoughts?  Okay, couldn't hurt I guess.  Good dog." 

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  1. Once in a while everything just fits together where they should. BTW, those 'jelly, cream cheese, pie crust-type-thing" are my famous pie crust cookies. Normally made once a year for St. Patrick's day. Not many people get them from me.