Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Could Be Worse‡Good Enough

Good afternoon dear reader(s)!

So everyone knows that the economy is bad.  Everyone knows that any hope of quick recovery has been lost in recent days when the unrest in the Middle East caused oil prices to shoot up (for no reason as supply remains constant & most likely will no matter who is selling it to us).  Everyone knows there is high unemployment (some places more than others), & everyone knows that people are struggling.  

So those of us fortunate enough to have jobs should be counting our lucky stars, no matter how we are treated, no matter what we are paid, because at least we have jobs.  Right?  

Wrong.  Do you think in this "bad economy" your average corporate executive is struggling any more than when the economy was good?  Do you think large companies are less profitable?  This is an excuse, to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots, and nothing more.  Your pensions and health care were on the chopping block long before the crash of 2008.  

Right now, people are attacking unions because they see what they have fought for and won, and they are jealous.  What is wrong with negotiating a better deal?  Is it because you live in a Right-To-Work And Get Fired For No Reason Or Because You Do Not Like The Illegal Shift Holds, Discrimination, & Hostile Work Environment You Must Face On A Daily Basis And Decide To Say Something State?  Sure, it is good to have a job, but if your wages do not match the cost of living even a relatively modest lifestyle, if your employer does not provide you with the proper tools to do your job & will not let you provide your own, if they are taking advantage of the fact that jobs are few and far between, is that good enough?  Yes, if you quit, there are hundreds of people waiting to replace you, but is that reason enough to give in?  Maybe, just maybe, now is the best time to take action and make things better.  If businesses can't survive without treating their employees like dirt, maybe they deserve to fail.  Maybe we will all be fine not working at these crappy jobs that don't pay the bills anyway, just long enough to watch them fall and be replaced by someone who can do the same thing only better.  Why are people so convinced that only employees are a dime a dozen, and not the companies they work for?  There is no company too big to fail.  No company should ever be bailed out while their executives spout lines about belt-tightening and sacrifice.  No company should be bailed out while their executives parrot back Limbaugh and O'Reilly's lines regarding "personal responsibility".

Your airline can't make the promises you made to your retirees?  Guess you should have thought about that when you agreed to it.  What's that, you're going to go under?  Good, there will be another airline ready to buy your planes at bankruptcy auctions and take your place.  Your insurance company's extremely shaky investment strategies means you can't pay on policies you decided to underwrite that were also shaky?  Good, you can fail, and so can the banks that tried to insure loans they never should have made.  SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS TAKE YOUR PLACE.

I know this rant isn't my usual style, but I am so tired of people thinking that CEOs and politicians have our best interest at heart.  I live in the capitol of "It could be worse".  Yes, it could, but why not try to make it better?  

I bash Reno alot.  It isn't the weather (though I am not a fan of the extremes), it isn't the landscape, it isn't even the casinos.  What I detest about this town is that the people in it just seem to have given up on life.  Could it be worse?  Of course it could.  I am free to make fun of the leadership of this town & this state.  Does that mean it is good enough?  Hell no.

I would like to point something out to everyone following the stories in the Middle East.  These people lived under dictatorships for decades, and never faced them down.  Until recently.  Is it the internet?  Is it cable news?  What causes them to rise up now?  I have a theory.  They are facing high unemployment and a bad economy too.  They are also noticing how business and government have been working together to keep the money flowing to the top at the expense of the workers at the bottom.  Why do I believe this?  Look at Egypt.  Generally people seeking freedom do not strip power from civilian government and place it in the hands of their military.  They don't seem to care about the right to speak against their government and their policies, they are allowing the military to leave in place an "emergency law" that allows people to be arrested for no reason, without hearing.  No, these people want to make a living.  

So could it be worse?  Yes, I am lucky.  I don't live in Somalia where I have to attempt hijackings just so I can afford to eat.  I still have a roof over my head, a phone, a car, and a crappy job that almost pays for it all.  I don't even live in Detroit.  But no, it isn't good enough.  And that is why I will continue to bash Reno, and I will continue to believe that the spineless masses of America need to stand up to the fatcats that are selling them out.  

The companies we buy from, that have shipped our jobs overseas are slowly killing themselves and our country.  China can consume, and they definitely can produce, but nobody will ever consume like the US.  With all of China's people, they still don't match our buying power, it isn't part of their culture.  But if Americans can not earn money, we cannot buy their products.  And even if China earns all the money, they will not buy like we did, and profits go down.  

So let's show the greedy companies a glimpse of the future they are creating.  Let's take them down for what they did to us, and let another company take their place.  I propose a week long national strike and boycott period.  One week to tell them that despite what they think, they still can't do it without us.  They need American employees to be American consumers or they will not survive.  And if they don't, just like us, they can be replaced.

So mom, since you are the only one reading this, it is up to you.  I need you to organize a strike across the entire country, as well as a week long boycott, okay?  I'm thinking sometime in the next couple weeks because I'm really feeling burnt out and could use the time off.  

So to you my dear reader(s), let me apologize for the lack of humor (or even attempted but failed humor as is usually the case in these), but I just have to vent every once in a while until things are a little closer to my Utopian vision of the world under my leadership.  See, there was an attempted joke.  Could be worse.  That doesn't mean it is good enough.  

Until next time dear reader(s), I am serious about the National Strike.  How does April work for you, mom?

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  1. We truly are repeating the Roman History. You're either Rich or your just a paid slave to the corporations.