Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Book of Exodus

Good evening dear reader(s)!

I have decided it is time to revive my much celebrated (by me) blog & let you all know exactly what exciting things I have been up to, so that you may vicariously experience some small level of excitement in your own lives.  I have also decided to provide you with updates on life in this God-forsaken town and my efforts to flee before it is enveloped in a giant meth-cooking fireball.

As some of you may know, I was actually born here & lived here through my early twenties, at which point I decided to move to greener pastures.  Or greener trees & grass & life, with water & mountains not perpetually in danger of catching fire & fresh food & friendly people & good coffee & happiness, & salmon & jobs & freedom & prosperity & recreation & wildlife & things to do & smiles & everything else good.

Perhaps it was the shock of divorce, or the need for new perspective, or fate pulling me towards my Hannah, but for some unknown reason, I decided to move back to Reno last year.  I can't say it was a mistake, I met my Hannah Bear (heretofor known as "Bear") here, but I wish I could have met her while living up in Seattle.  I am here now, trying to make the best of it, dodging thugs & meth-heads & just waiting to get the hell out again.  Lease is up in May, I hope to have enough $ & a job prospect to move back to the PNW then.

In the meantime, it is my most sincere goal to keep you entertained by my sad/pathetic/occasionally funny stories of a person trying to live life in a town full of the walking dead.

if occasionally I have nothing to say, i'm sorry.  It is hard to have a life in a dying town.

Congratulations!  You have made it through my intro blog.  Stay tuned for superfun extreme happy coolness!  Until next time, get off the counter, Dobson!

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